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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st - Library show moving day - to Hillsdale and Secaucus, NJ

The first of June and its library show moving day. My friend Denise Frawley is doing the same thing, http://denisekeeganphotography.blogspot.com/2011/05/show-updates.html

Get a cup of tea and have a seat. This is gonna take a while.

Yesterday and today were very busy days. I closed down the Franklin Lakes and New Milford Library shows. As I was taking down the New Milford show, they seemed surprised and saddened that it was happening. I heard the head librarian talking about finding new art to replace me.

A friend, Stephanie Kull posted about being in New Milford with her kids and was surprised to see my paintings in New Milford " , I looked at the paintings and I thought it looked a bit familiar (We have a painting of yours from when we got married) so I recognized the "style"." "I was telling the kids I know this artist - I was so excited! And your artwork looks great too:)."

I was also putting the two new library events in a number of local online calendars. The Record's online site is Northbergen.com, so I put the two shows in their site


Hillsdale does not have a Patch site, so I put it in the westwood/washington township Patch, which also covers Hillsdale

There is no Patch for the Secaucus area.

I added the shows the the Fineartamerica site calendars http://fineartamerica.com/upcomingeventsdetails.html?date=06%2F1%2F2011
and if you'd like prints and cards of my paintings, check them out

and the the artfairinsider site -

There are more , but that gives you an idea of how I strive to promote these things.

The Secaucus Library is in Hudson County at the entrance in the Lincoln Tunnel and is an artist's dream. They cant seem to do enough for you. Maintenance was at my beck and call. If I needed pliers or easels, they were there. Its in the Pansonic Meeting room and its a nice venue. I made up a large foam board advetisment to go in the lobby, but mispelled a couple of words, so back later. Their website is http://secaucus.bccls.org/

Hillsdale is in North-eastern Bergen County, North of Paramus and is another very artist friendly place. The director is a bicyclist and is doing the High-Point to Cape May bike-a-thon in a couple of weeks. He took a number of pictures of me and the paintings and said they would go in the local paper and their website. I had placed my artist bio, cards, and guestbook on a table in front of the room and he said they'd move it to the back of the room with an easel. I had placed my exhibit ad board on a chair outside the room and he said they's get an easel for me. Kewl! Their website is http://hillsdale.bccls.org/

We shall see what happens.
Check out the slideshows on the right side of what each place looks like

Quote : Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet

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