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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting article - From Empty Easel - should artists duplicate paintings to sell again

Blogger Sharon Weaver has a good article here


This is an idea that I've had personal dealings with, only difference was I did not sell them, but gave them as wedding gifts. It was a lighthouse picture & since the people did not know each other, there was not an issue of seeing the painting on each other's walls.

For selling purposes, I'm okay with doing the same scene as long as there is some difference in it. When you read the article, you'll see the two paintings in question. While its the same scene, one has more detail and a different feel to it. My opinion is that what the artist paints is his/her right and everyone else is along for the ride. They may like the scene and feel they could do it better or their technique has changed, or something like that. Like Bob Ross always said, its your world and you can do whatever you want with it. People will either appreciate the difference or feel cheated. No one's forcing them to buy.
Its the same with story telling. The prime example is the TV show "LOST". TV writers & producers are story tellers. We gather around the campfire of the TV set and watch them. Its their story they are telling and the TV audience is along for the ride. Many complained about things that happened in the story, but the story belongs to the storyteller. You can leave the campfire any time you want.

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